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Biography of Commander Merrick

Learn a bit about the XO of the USS Sentry by reading about his
past from the academy and his first assignment to now!
Age: 36 Sex: Male Species: Human Place of Birth: New Berlin, Moon Height: 6'3" Weight: 184 LBS. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue/Green Academy Major: Command Academy Minor: Tactical/Security Previous Positions: USS Herald Security Officer 2385-2391 USS Searcher Security Officer 2391-2395 USS Endeavor Tactical/Security Chief 2395-2404 USS Sentry First Officer 2405-?


At the age of 16 Merrick left the Moon for Star Fleet 
academy to finally be able to explore the galaxy.  In the Academy, 
he became only the second person ever to win the Kobyashi Maru simulation, 
not by cheating, but by excellent command and strategic skills.  Throughout
his 4 years at the Academy, he studied very hard, and graduated when 
he was 20. 

His first post was the USS Herald, where he gained the respect of most
of the crew in 2388 when a suggestion of his was used by the Captain 
during a volatile situation, in which the ship was saved from an 
attack by a few Dominion ships.  For this, he was promoted to 

Onboard the USS Searcher, Merricks maintained the same level of 
excellence that he had on the Herald, quickly becoming a close friend 
of the senior officers, and in 2394, just before he was transfered, 
he was recommended for a promotion by the Captain of the Searcher, 
and became a Commander.

His third post was the USS Endeavor, where he was the Tactical and
Security chief on board.  His strategic skills propelled him to win 
the trust and admiration of almost all officers on board.

Now Merricks is the first officer on board the new USS 

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