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Zarabeth's Bio

Name: Zarabeth, Daughter of Spock
Age: 19
Race: Sarpeidonian/vulcan
Rank: Lt. Junior Grade
Eye pigmentaion: brown
Hair pigmenaion: black
Zarabeth was named after her mother...
Her story begins when Spock and McCoy were sent to the original Zarabeth through the guardian of forever. Spock unknowingly went through Pon Farr and mated with Zarabeth. He realized his later and gave her, as a parting gift, a stone knife for the child. Young Zarabeth's mother died when she was young, her last words telling Zarabeth of a time portal far to the north, unstable but Zarabeth would live the rest of her life out. So Zarabeth was sent to the Rebellion times, and, as the stars were with her, she landed on the bridge of a cargo ship instead of dead space. She searched for a way to return to her world, but couldn't find one. Instead, she went to Vulcan and searched for her heritage there. She found her half-brother, very aged, but with a story for her. He said his father had ended up marrying a vulcan woman in his later years of life, and died from a heart attack some years later. He had always known Zarabeth existed somewhere in time, and had the feeling she would find a way to survive, with the help of her mother. He gave his son a pendant that he was to give to Zarabeth, should she ever show up. If she didn't, the son would pass it on to his son and so fourth. The pendant is simple, in a circle shape, with a red ruby in the center. There are fine decorations inside the circle, around the ruby. It is said to have special ancient vulcan powers that the people had lost. Zarabeth is said to be able to use it since she was born when the vulcans were using "magic", though it was only the ice age on her home planet. Since then, Zarabeth strived to be like her father, and joined starfleet at the age of sixteen, two years after she came out of the portal. She trained hard to be a doctor, and endeavours to keep the vulcan way in supressing emotions, though sometimes she loses control. Zarabeth refuses to wear standard uniform, though her captains have never really minded. The uniforms she wears is similar to the ones Counselor troi wears, though slightly changed, and she has naver taken off her pendant. Zarabeth has always had a kind bedside manner, and cares for everyone. She is just out of the academy, and stationed as Chief Medical officer aboard the Sentry, she loves her captain, crewmates, and her job.