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Construction Time of the USS Sentry

2379 -- Sentry Project is accepted by StarFleet, design stage begins.

2381 -- Design of the ship is completed. Prototype to be built at Utopia Planitia.

2384 -- Keel laid at Utopia Planitia, construction begins.

2385 -- Outer hull 30% complete. Construction is halted due to the need for materials to complete the Soverign Class.

2388 -- Construction is resumed, outer hull 85% complete. Warp core arrives and is gamma welded into place.

2390 -- Outer hull is completed. Computer core is gamma welded into place as the retractable nacelle sections arrive.

2393 -- Retractable warp nacelle's completed. Computer panels are laid into the place and the computer is made self aware.

2397 -- USS Sentry is deemed space worthy. First test flight is a complete success.

2399 -- Ship undergoes last minute completion of crew quarters. Three more Sentry class ships are ordered by StarFleet.

2400 -- Ship exits space dock and recieves congratulations from StarFleet command. Sentry enters high warp for Proxima Centauri but is lost and thought to be destroyed along the way by a spacial anomaly.

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