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Captain Dragon's Ready Room

 Learn a bit about the captain of the USS Sentry by reading about his
 past from the academy and his first assignment to now!
Age: 50 Sex: Male Species: Betazoid Place of Birth: Reltwa, Betazed Height: 6'1" Weight: 203 LBS. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Black on black Academy Major: Science Academy Minor: Security Previous Positions: USS Venture Science Officer 2374-2383 USS Falcon Security Chief 2384-2392 USS Intrepid First Officer 2393-2398 USS Sentry Commanding Officer 2404-


 At the age of 16 James Dragon left Betazed for Star Fleet academy to 
 fulfill his dream of becoming a Star Fleet Captain. He sped through the
 academy at record speed, and graduated at the age of 18. 
 His first post was the USS Venture, where he advanced to the rank of Lt
 over nine years. During this time he took a 3 year hiatus due to family 
 problems. After his return he was transferred to a new ship.
 Onboard the USS Falcon James rose to Commander in an uneventful time. At
 this time his need for action caused him to request a transfer.
 His third post was the USS Intrepid, where he was first officer. After
 a long run as first officer Commander Dragon accepted the command of the
 USS Sentry.

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