The Sentry project began in 2387 when StarFleet made a manuervable, yet heavily armed class of ship. After reviewing hundreds of designs, the design from a young human was chosen for it's boldness. The retractable warp nacelle idea ignited the passion of many engineers and it seemed that people were almost killing to work on the project.

In 2399 the first ship was completed and deemed space worthy. It was suiting that the first time out of space dock for a new age of starship to be on the first day of the new century, thus the ship was launched January 1, 2400.

On it's maiden voyage the USS Sentry was to swing around Proxima Centauri at high warp, but halfway to Proxima Centauri the ship encountered an anomaly and was nearly destroyed. For almost five years the ship floated within the anomaly before being slung out of it by the gravometric distortion of two Borg cubes.

After limping home to Earth with nothing remaining but a skeleton crew, the ship was refitted and once again deemed space worthy. A new captain was chosen and the refitted USS Sentry now awaits it's new crew in hopes that history will not repeat itself.

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The USS Sentry has been beamed aboard times